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Information Use

Information flow through an organization is the process by which data is sent and received in both external and internal aspects (, 1995). External aspects are anything flowing into the organization or out from the organization. This flow, for example, can be represented by ordered supplies entering the company, or by finished product being shipped to the customer. Internal aspects are the flow of communication between all the companies working parts. These parts can be manufacturing, legal, finance, maintenance, etc. To effectively tie all these components together in a safe way, an organization might invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning system, or ERP for short. This system, although expensive, can monitor and control all aspects of data transfer within an organization. Using an ERP system can accurately report inventories, product details, work audits, and several other aspects of running a business (, 2001). Most important of all is accuracy. By Utilizing an ERP system the business will have several checkpoints where products and the processes for creating them are monitored. By always sending out the right product or information an organization can save a fortune in clean up costs and legal fees in the event of an error. An organization must also look at physical and network security options to protect all their assets, the integrity of the ERP system, and any other critical data flowing through or stored in the company.

External Information Flow Mentioned before, external information flow can be represented as coming into or coming out of the company. This flow can be represented as supplies or finished product respectively. Each aspect has different challenges and requirements for effectively managing data and other resources. Incoming external information flow is all…...

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