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Use the following proforma to prioritise each in-tray item using low, medium or high, and provide a rationale and discussion to support your decision, including key issues and recommended actions.
Finally provide a written conclusion which 1. Explains what you see as the main issue(s) facing the organisation? You may use any of the problem solving techniques covered in lectures to help diagnose, analyse and/or illustrate these.

2. Briefly discuss what action, if any, needs to be taken by management.

3. Outline what additional information, data, statistics etc, which are not provided, are necessary to help with decision making, and explain your reasoning?
You must submit the completed proforma to the iZone by 30th November 2015.

1 | Organisational Chart This is one of the fundamental document in any company, as it lays out the workflow of the company.As the new CEO, the organisational chart will serve as a reference which will allow me to check who to delegate tasks to as well as report to for anything. Being a recent employee, I have an unbiased judgement on the employees of the organisation. The key issue I have spotted in to regards to the organisational chart is that there is a vacancy for operations manager. The consequences of keeping this position vacant is that it will slow down production. Due to the evidence of vacant position the hierarchy following the resignation of John Sparrow (Item 15) it is a high priority to find someone to fill this position Recommended actions: to search vigilantly to find a worthy and capable individual to be in this position. I have to look back at what happened (interlinks with Item 15: Resignation Letter) and find someone able to follow up and develop what the previous operations manager was capable of. | High | 2 | Email from ChairmanThe Chairman does not seem to understand the…...

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