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In the summer of 2004, in the occasion of Olympic Games in Athens, Adidas, world famous brand in the field of sport clothing has made one of the most inspiring campaigns I have ever seen. With claim “Impossible is nothing” they have placed focus on the values they wanted their products to transmit and represent. This international company adapted itself to a trend that, in an occasion such as Olympic Games are, inevitably, sees in competition not only the athletes but also the brand they wear; it is a battle led through campaigns in various mass media.
Focus of my analysis is placed on three TV commercials, videos each of which lasts 30 seconds. I find it necessary to describe them before proceeding with my analysis in order to provide a better insight in the material I will discuss and to present the way I saw and understood this campaign. Each of the videos has famous athletes as its protagonists and they are all made in the way that with digital trickery present day athletes are matched with champions from the past.
First of them is Olympic champion Haile Geberlassie. In the video we find this Ethiopian athlete preparing himself for a surreal, 10 000 meters long race. He is surrounded with his clones, all dressed slightly different but all in Adidas. In the background we hear his voice talking in first person saying that despite all medals won and the records broken it is necessary and possible to always improve yourself and beat yourself one more time. The video closes with Adidas logo and the suffix “com” added to the name of the brand.
In the second video of the campaign the role of main character is played by famous gymnast Nadia Comanci. She performs a utopian exercise simultaneously with another Russian Olympic heroine Nastia Luikin on two uneven bars. As in the previous video, different filmings are united in one spectacular…...

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