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Walt Disney Corporation
The Walt Disney Corporation (Disney) is an entertainment conglomerate with operations in the media networks, studio entertainment, parks and resorts and consumer products. They operate in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America, with the U.S. being the major market.
In order for Disney to experience long term growth, they have established 3 marketing priorities: creative innovation, global expansion and application of technology. With the execution of their marketing strategies, they had a great creative year in 2005.
For creative innovation, they have invested in healthy food with Kroger and will soon launch a food line offering healthy alternatives, while personal care products, baby and toddler products, and floral items.
For global expansion, Disney recently opened the Hong Kong Disneyland and resort and has recently expanded television service in India and China.
For technology, they have invested in Video games, personal video players, broadband-based devices and other mobile products that will have an impact on their business.
The Importance of Marketing
Disney uses product development, product modification, branding, distribution, advertising, sales promotion, pricing and publicity as part of their marketing strategies. Creativity continues to be the main strategy of Disney, “from movies to television, from animation to live-action, from theme parks to consumer products to online business. Their ability to penetrate markets and attract consumers is reliant upon the kind of branded, in-demand, high quality, creative content for which Disney has been known.” (Datamonitor, 2006).
Top Three Marketing Challenges

Challenge 1 - In Innovations
Disney has been one of the leading brands in family entertainment, with a wide portfolio of products and services. However, intense competition threatens to erode the…...

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