Identifying and Explaining the Success Factors of Recent Mobile Games: Flappy Bird and 2048

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[Topic: Prepare a report identifying and explaining the success factors of recent mobile games: Flappy bird and 2048] | |

Table of Contents
1. About Flappy Bird 3
2. About game 2048 5
1. The successful factors of Flappy Bird 6
2. The reason behind the 2048’s success 6

Nowadays, lots of types of mobile games have developed in the market; however, this report will on identifying and explaining key successful components of these two new mobile games cause much attention when they appear, those are Flappy Bird and 2048. From the success that we can educe lessons for themselves. I. INTRODUCTION 1. About Flappy Bird Flappy Bird is a mobile game actually launched in May of 2013, developed by Vietnam-based developer Nguyen Ha Dong and published by GEARS Studio, a small, independent game developer also based in Vietnam. The game has a side-scrolling format and the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between rows of green pipes without coming into contact with them (Wiki information). Originally released on the App Store since 5/2013. By the end of the month 1/2014, Bird started flappy fever charts and lead free app for both IOS and Android platforms in the United States. According to figures from App Annie, flappy Bird had a growth rate astonishing jump from 1500 levels to the highest position of the charts after only two months ( information).

Flappy Bird’s popularity continued to climb into January 2014. On Jan. 10, the app achieved a major milestone: It became a top-10 app in the United States. It was ranked the eighth-most-downloaded free…...

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