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Akkad Art

Head of Akkadian Ruler, 2250 – 2200 B.C.E (iragi Museum, Bagdad – Looted!) This piece of Akkadina art is one with fine sharp lines curls lips and is made to resemble the akkadian ruler from this timeline. I do believe that thid piece was shaped from either a modled or was carved from lime stone but when you look at it, you can see that the lips are pouted and the brow is angery looking the hair is curled. The color is a balckish gray color and the left eye is destroied but it is a good piece of art. The other thing about this piece is that it is life like and it is of the akkadian king. There should be more on this piece that I cannot discribe as I am not sure what it is but this piece scares me just a bit I think of this as eveil but from what I can make of it he was a ruler that did not treat his people kind at all. This piece is 3 demensional and is a full scale of the akkadian ruler. I other findings I do believe that he had two sons not sure what their names are but the race of akkad is an assissin race which they killed for porfit. The stiries are anyway, but with more research I should know more about the akkadians as there are now no more I think unless there are modern akkadians.

Stela of Ur-Nammu, c. 2112-2094 B.C.E., limestone, 3 x 1.5 m (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)

Even though this is not a head piece but it is comparable to the Akkadian head piece because it was found in the city where the Akkadian ruler was found this piece here is the stela of Ur-Nammu which it is a wall carving made from lime stone and is a five layer story of the moon god which is at the top and the people on the second layer are his servants on the third layer looks like two lonely people looking for the others and a latter leading down to hades as it were. This…...

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