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How to Be Successful in Accounting

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How to be Successful in Accounting
May 11th, 2015

I have chosen Accounting as my major because ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be an Accountant. My first job experience with some accounting was working in a bank as a teller. I know tellers do not do much accounting, but when I was training as a Head Teller we had to do some accounting and that’s when I realized that accounting is what I wanted to do. Till this day I am not completely sure exactly what field of accounting to go in, but it definitely has to be in accounting For example I love taxes, so I was thinking of working with the IRS, I even volunteer for an IRS program at my school. I also love Auditing, I feel like a detective in this field. At the moment I work for a construction company and I would also love to stay in this company and transfer to the accounting department when I receive my Bachelor’s Degree. I know I will be very happy which ever I choose. It is my opinion that the most important key points to succeed in Accounting are to be detailed oriented and have strong analytical skills. Also very important they need to be open minded regarding the different fields that Accounting offers and start gaining experience as soon as they can. The first key point that I will discuss is the need to be very detailed oriented. To be detailed oriented you need to stay focused and be organized. It is very hard to stay focused, but in accounting you have to deal with a lot of numbers, receipts, and amounts for one or more departments. A friend said to me “If you are not organized in Accounting, might as well find another career. By being detailed oriented, it becomes easier for you to do your job precisely. When you are focused you make less mistakes and trust me, making mistakes in accounting might sometimes cost you your job. When a mistake is made and it’s not caught on time, it…...

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