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How You Will Prepare Yourself and Reach an Agreement with Management

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DECISIONAL ROLES Decisional roles involve the making of strategic organisational decisions on the basis of the manager's status and authority, and access to information.

(i) Entrepreneur As entrepreneurs, managers plan and initiate projects to bring about change and innovation to improve the performance of their unit and organisation.

(ii) Disturbance handler As a disturbance handler role, the manager takes corrective action in response to previously unforeseen problems such as strikes, financial difficulties or change in government policy. In such situations, managers can, for instance, devise a strategy and set up committees that deal with disturbances and crises.

(iii)Resource allocator As resource allocators, managers are responsible for the distribution of the organisation's resources such as money, time, equipment, staff and materials among organisational members.

(iv) Negotiator The negotiator role relates to participation in negotiation activities with outside organisations (for example when negotiating a contract with suppliers) or with individuals working for the same organisation (for instance when bargaining about working terms and conditions with the trade union). Negotiation plays an important part of the manager's job because of his/her authority, responsibility and knowledge of information.


Evaluation of Mintzberg's role approach

Mintzberg acknowledged that his categorisation of the ten roles was somewhat an arbitrary division of the manager's activities. It presented only one of the many possible ways of classifying the managerial roles. In practice, the ten roles are not isolated but they form an integrated whole. The effectiveness of the manager's performance is affected if any of the roles is removed.

A number of studies support Mintzberg's view that this set of ten roles…...

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