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How Nations Think About Race

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How Nation Thinks About Race
The U.S has shown an interesting feel for race and how the U.S profiles each human in the United States Census, as portrayed in the article, "Time to transform how nation thinks about race". Towards the end of the article, it was stated "how America and even the world think (or do not think) about race." However, after reading the article, one could conclude that the U.S doesn't not care about race, but is trying and needs to ensure that the census is on point with including all social profiles, relevant to the U.S. One could actually grow to agree with Charmaine Royal's argument, including me, also believing it to be effective. The article has used plenty of evidence to support her implication that the U.S needs to transform how the U.S feels about race.
Muslims represent a religion, not a race and therefore "Muslim" should not be a category included in the Census. America is and has been for many years having problems with terrorism and Muslims attacking and bombing places in our country. For instance, "911", being arguably the most tragic moment for U.S history, has devastated the U.S people. People have grown to stereotype Muslims as being mainly terrorists, when it is not true for all of them. Even friends of mines have actually seen Muslims around and have automatically made terrorist jokes about the Muslims. In my opinion, having Muslim, which is, in fact, a religion not a race, included in the Census will just alienate the religion, which will add more to the problem. The article has stated a solution to this problem: "The potpourri of different identities under the rubric of "racial profiling" is akin to the complicated construction of race in the U.S census, and both need to be re-evaluated."
"White" has been the only category included on every census. However, over the…...

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