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How Dennis Was Identified Using Digital Forensic

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Dennis Lynn Rader’s case remains the longest case to be handled ever taking almost 30 years. His case was opened when he handed in a computer floppy to the police. Careful forensics carried out on the floppy revealed a document that had been edited by someone by the name Dennis in computers at the Christ Lutheran Church. This led to physical location of the suspect. To nail down the suspect as the BTN killer, DNA tests were carried out on Rader’s daughter, Kerri Rader and it was found to be matching. Comparing this to the DNA tests from the murder cases BTN killer emerged to be Rader. This was enough evidence to convict Rader for 10 murder cases.
Digital evidence uncovered from the floppy disk
Immediately Rader sent a floppy to the police containing Microsoft word document, the floppy was handed over to the computer forensic experts at the FBI for examinations. Inside the floppy was a file called “Test A.RTF.” The contents of the file read “This is a test. See 3x5 Card for details on communication with me in the newspaper.” The message referred to the card that was inside the same box that had the floppy. The officers further recovered a word document that had been deleted on the drive. Careful examination on the properties of the retrieved document showed that the document which had been modified on February 10th 2005 and had been revised on 14th February by the owner whose name was Dennis. The experts did a search on the church and found someone by the same name among the church attendants. Rader was found as the principal suspect and this led to a series of intensive investigation carried out on him.
Rader’s case took almost 30 years of investigation. This was because of the various games that Rader played on the police. For instance, in all his killings he made the police think that the killer had a different motive as compared to the previous killings. In one instance, a watch of a victim was missing while in another, the driver license was missing. Establishing the reason behind the killings was therefore varied and confusing. The letters that Rader kept sending to the media houses could not be used to develop a case against him since they were not original i.e. fifth generation copies. Rader then went underground for almost 13 years without any killings reported which made his detection difficult without any leads previously identified.
How digital evidence aided investigations
The acquisition of the computer floppy was actually a breakthrough in the radar’s case. It was from the floppy that opened way to link Rader to BTK killer. It was through the forensic examination on the floppy and DNA tests’ comparison from the murder cases to the suspect that made solid evidence. Were it not for this, BTK murder would still be a mystery to date.
Software used for evidence uncovering
EnCase software is the name of the application that led to the arrest of the serial killer. EnCase is a remote application that allows investigation to be carried out undetectably. It allows investigation to be carried out on many devices as well as acquiring enormous data from them using repeatable and defensible processes. Its results are court-accepted because of its power to uncover hidden evidences in digital devices. The software is able to give comprehensive reports of the analysis while maintaining the integrity of the evidence that is acceptable in a court of law.
It can generally be said that digital forensics when carefully undertaken it will definitely be almost impossible for criminals to commit crime and get away undetected. This is made very possible with the technology running the world where almost everything has been computerized. Mention mobile communications, social media platforms like Facebook and tweeter, internet and many more. Nothing is private anymore.

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