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Lincoln's Speech

Abraham Lincoln's "House Divided" speech had a specific purpose for it. He was

directing it mainly at the congressmen and the President, and it's purpose was to show

them how America was hurting itself by fighting endlessley over slavery. His speech was

one of the most influential speeches in the history of the US.

Lincoln was talking to the congressmen and the President because they were the

people who could do something about all of these issues. He pointed out many of the

wrongdoings of the government, and how the Dred Scott decision was a major turning

point away from the advancement of the US. By treating slaves as property, and not as

people, America was slowly destroying itself from the inside out, and that would

eventually lead to violence and destruction.

He tried to get people to listen to him not by merely making a political speech, but

also trying to show them that what was going on wasn't right. He was saying that people

need to value the country as a whole over their own specific ideas (whether it be about

slavery or another issue.) He talked about "points" gained in favor of slavery in what

seemed to be a well timed game on the part of the government. It systematically tried to

permit slavery all over the country, and take away any rights that may or may have not

been already granted to slaves.

In conclusion, Lincoln was trying to appeal to the inner emotions of each delegate

sitting infront of him. He was trying to make people see that things could not continue in

the fashion that they were going in now, as it would just cause the downfall of the country

the people before them had worked so hard to establish and advance. Had this speech not

been made, history could have turned out much differently then it…...

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