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1. Products Needed (Materials with a red font are food products)
- 38 Round Tables
- 3 Large Rectangular Tables
- 304 Chairs
- 320 Napkins
- 5 Tables to prepare entrée and desserts
- 320 Forks, Knifes, Spoons, and Salad Forks
- 350 Plates, Bowls, Dessert Plates, Glasses
- 3 Generators
- 3 Large Buckets – (one bucket includes a heater) (for cleaning plates)
- 1 large mule full of water (enough water for washing and drinking)
- 40 Round Table Clothes
- 5 Rectangular Table Clothes
- 76 Salt and Pepper Shakers
- 114 Salad Dressing Holders
- 5 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
- Sanitation Cleaner for one of the buckets
- Soap for one of the buckets
- 50 Towels (for cleaning appliances)
- 50 Plastics Cups and Plastics Plates (for students)
- 6 Portable restrooms
- 1 Large Pack of Paper Napkins
- 1 Large Package of Multiple Plastic Utensils (for students)
- 2 Large Baskets for Bread
- 16 pitchers for tea and water
- 8 yeti ice chests (these coolers are known to hold ice for long period of times; they will especially hold ice for the time period to travel to the hotel)
- 100 pounds of ice (1 yeti cooler will be filled with ice for the drinks)
- 45 vases for table arrangements
- 45 fresh Swietenia Mahagoni Flowers (Dominican Republic Flower)
- 3 big vases for flower arrangement on buffet tables
- Greenery for the big vases on buffet table
- 3 Large Propane Gas Grill
- Propane Gas for the Grill
- Spatulas and other tools for cooking
- 8 Serving/Warming Trays for the Buffet
- 4 Bowls Stanley Steel Bowls included with Fork
- 15 tongs (10 for the serving Trays and 2 for Bread)
- 350 Barbecue Marinated Chicken Breasts Will be prepared on Grill 1)
- 100 pounds of a Medley of Vegetables (will be prepared on Grill 2)
- 400 Rolls
- 310 little packs of butter
- 150 pounds of potatoes (will be prepared on Grill 3)
- 1 Large Container of…...

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