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Hospitals Now and 100 Years Ago

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Hospital Improvement in the Last Century

There are tremendous improvements in hospitals today as compared to the state of hospitals in the last 100 years. The doctors today are highly trained to use modern facilities for efficient services to their patients. The improvements have been enhanced through governments’ support by providing the necessary financial assistance and introducing facilities for research on diseases. These efforts have made the modern hospitals highly scientific and complexly institutionalized.

In the last 100 years, a high percent of patients used die while undergoing operations. The whole process was extremely painful to patient, considering that administering anesthetics were a risky process. The doctors would use a pad, and then dip it in chloroform or ether before putting it over the patient’s mouth (“Advances in basic sciences and clinical practice” 2). Most patients died during operation due anesthetic overdose. Operation processes are now safe since doses are administered in accordance with the patient’s weight, age and the length of operation. Today the mortality rate, is one in 200,000.

The most killer diseases in the past 100 years are now curable. For instance, Tuberculosis was among the leading killer diseases in 1907, killing one patient in every five hundred cases (Schluger 75). The patients suffering from tuberculosis would remain in hospitals for many months. Patients were advised to eats diets that were rich in fat, stay in places with sufficient fresh air and dress warmly, as a precaution to curb Tuberculosis. Today the prevalence of tuberculosis has reduced since the patients can now access antibiotics to cure this disease.

The infant mortality has prevalent in the past 100 year. This was due to doctors’ inability to handle…...

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