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Sea-Level Rise and Island Culture

Considering the lecture on the human-environmental interaction for Holland and Smith Islands in Maryland there is an obvious and imminent threat of sea-level rise and land erosion throughout the world. I have come to understand that the threat of global warming is serious and should be immediately addressed before the dilemma is too late to solve. Considering from the hardcore evidence from the lecture and the video we have viewed, I feel that if we do not take immediate initiative right away all coastal settlement will face consequential repercussions. I have come to an understanding that human-environmental interaction between climate change and culture has a paramount influence on geography. The impact of exploiting both islands presents a major conflict on these two locations. The sea-level rise occurring on Holland and Smith Island is an example of a real life phenomenon that is occurring throughout the world. Islands or areas below sea-level are facing this threat as we are going about our day. The threat of sea-level rise could affect small island states unless the world implements a plan to prevent this from occurring. Civilizations and cultures could be loss as a result of this occurrence. Small islands are most vulnerable to human-induced sea-level rise in the 21st century and beyond, and the reality of abandonment of some low-lying oceanic islands is becoming a real possibility. Using the case study approach for Holland and Smith Island in Maryland, the threat of sea-level rise is real and will affect other islands across the world. From what I have learned, the impact of population growth and the increase of carbon dioxide contribute to global warming. As there is more carbon dioxide being created and circulating in our atmosphere, our planet becoming warmer which will cause ice caps to melt in the arctic…...

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