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Wide Assortment of Plasma Models from Major Brands Supports Consumer Demand for Ultimate Home Theater Experience

New York '' December 13, 2006 '' Industry reports that sales of Plasma television sets are soaring this holiday season affirm that consumers are now seeing at retail the clear advantages of benefits of Plasma for their big screen home entertainment center, according to the Plasma Display Coalition. On Black Friday alone, the NPD Group reports that Plasma experienced a 140 percent increase in unit sales, compared with last year.

“Consumers are embracing Plasma in record numbers because they love the life- like picture that a big-screen Plasma HDTV delivers,” said Jim Palumbo, president of the Plasma Display Coalition. “It is evident that the outstanding picture quality, very high contrast and black levels, full range of color reproduction, and wide viewing angle that Plasma offers are resonating with people who are shopping for a new high-definition TV. For consumers considering a television above 40-inches, Plasma is the clear choice for the home entertainment center,” Palumbo added.

Inundated with so many HDTV options at retail, consumers are arming themselves with information before heading out to shop. “They know that if they are looking to create the ultimate home theater experience to enjoy movies and sports, then Plasma is the TV of choice,” said Palumbo.

In the store, consumers are finding better-trained sales associates and a wider assortment of Plasmas from leading brands at a broad range of price points and feature levels than ever before. Equally significant, retailers have created excellent viewing environments so that shoppers can really see the benefits of Plasma before bringing the set home.

For the first time, this holiday season, Plasma HDTVS are going…...

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...During the holidays, we had plenty of time to do whatever we wanted. Some may apply for part-time jobs whereas others may be busy with their own CCAs. As for me, I went to participate in different marathon volunteering work. I volunteered for different races such as, Sundown Marathon, Great Eastern Women Run and the SGX Bull Charge Run. During different runs, I gained new experiences and realized that working and organizing such runs may not be an easy task and it requires a lot of team work to get this moving smoothly. At the end of the SGX Bull Charge Run, we were told to help disperse the crowd at the floating platform of Marina Bay as the event is over. Two aunties came up to me and told me they did not manage to use a single coupon as they came back too late. They asked me to allow them to join in the last queue at the Ice-Cream booth so that they could at least use two of their coupons. Taking pity on them, I reluctantly allowed them even though I had instructions not to allow anyone to queue anymore. After that, another two ladies came up to me and requested for the same thing, only they wanted to finish using two of their coupons. While my friend heard the conversation, she came up to the two ladies and told them no. My friend rolled her eyes at the two ladies which resulted them getting into an argument. I stepped in and explained to the two ladies while my friend went to cool off. I told them that we are not supposed to let anyone queue anymore and after a long......

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...HOLIDAY Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the three types of most beautiful places for holiday around the world. Central Idea: The three types of most beautiful places for holiday in the world are Venice Italy, Maldives South-West of Sri Lanka and Oak Valley Snow Park in Gangwon Province South Korean. INTRODUCTION I. Do you know where are the most beautiful places for holiday around the world? II. As far as I know, I can tell you the three most beautiful places for holiday that you can ever visit, that are Venice, Maldives and Oak Valley Snow Park. III. The three places that I have mentioned just now has been ranked as number two in the world that is Maldives, Venice as number five and lastly Oak Valley Snow Park as number 10 around the world. IV. Today, I would like to inform you the three most beautiful places for holiday around the world. (Transition: After you have listened to my introduction, let us move to my first point.) BODY I. Firstly, the first place that is the best for holiday is Venice, Italy. A. Venice is one of Italy’s top cities and a beautiful, romantic destination with many attractions. B. Its small, traffic-free streets along the winding canals make for great walking. 1. You’ll will find many magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares, and interesting shops. C. Venice actually consists of 117 bodies of land connected by more than 400 bridges over its 150 canals. 1. The Grand......

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