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Assignment 1

VID106 Video Production Fundamentals

Video Production Fundamentals (VID106) Semester 2, 2014

Assignment 1: An Original Short Film Concept

Student Name: Student ID: Lecturer: Date:

Than Htike Aung (Harry) 980511 Brayden Gifford 4 September 2014

Than Htike Aung


Student ID: 980511

Assignment 1

VID106 Video Production Fundamentals

- Synopsis - Treatment
Concept Script Outline Setting Cast Sound Design Filming and Editing Style

- Storyboard - References

Than Htike Aung


Student ID: 980511

Assignment 1

VID106 Video Production Fundamentals

A mysterious man living in a suburban home wakes up one morning and does his normal routine to get ready for work. As he walks out from the front door to his car on the driveway…

I have chosen “Hitman” as the title of this short film. The aim is to create a 2 to 3 minute story in the genre of mystery. Within this mystery genre, a middle age man will be introduced without any dialogue but with a voiceover narration, as he gets ready for work. As we explore the life about this man over the narrative track, the key conventions will lead the audience into a false sense of knowledge. The main concept of this film is to build up to the climax where the audience will be shocked by a twist to the plot. This supposed genre would allow the viewer to become caught up in the theme and make the wrong assumption until the twist is revealed in the end.

Script Outline
The short film begins with a close-up shot of an alarm clock ringing at 6am waking up the man in the bed. The camera shows a few shots around his room where everything is perfectly…...

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