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The Commercial Revolution

“The Moneylender and His Wife,” Quentin Metsys (1514)

AP European History

J.F. Walters (2010)

Commercial Revolution: Essential Questions
1. How did developments in the late Middle Ages impact the Commercial Revolution?
2. What contribution did Luca Pacioli make to the Commercial Revolution?
3. What was the nature of banking in the Commercial Revolution?
4. What was a joint-stock company?
5. What was the Domestic System” in England?
6. What was the Price Revolution and what were its results?
7. What were the principles of mercantilism and what impact did it have on economics and politics?
8. In what ways did the Commercial Revolution sow the seeds of capitalism?
9. What was “Tulip Mania” in the Netherlands?

AP European History • The Commercial Revolution • J.F. Walters & G.W.Whitton

The Commercial Revolution
Journal 12/A: What important economic changes in the early modern centuries does the term “Commercial Revolution” signify?

––Palmer Chapter 12 • pp. 106-114––
Directions; Using sentences or detailed bulleted notes, identify & explain the evidence Palmer uses to support the thesis listed above.

AP European History • The Commercial Revolution • J.F. Walters & G.W.Whitton

Background to the Commercial Revolution

Commercial Revolution basics

change from a town-centered (medieval manorial) to a nation-centered (early modern European) economic system in spite of name, the economic change of the Commercial Revolution was slow in nature
Commercial Revolution eventually would contribute to the first era of globalization

impacted by developments in the Middle Ages

a term used by historians to describe the collective effect of the development of a profit-based economy, growth of cities, increased trade, and rise of powerful groups of merchants.…...

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