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In this documentary, it basically explains why one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The condition these orcas were living in, and the way they were being treated proves it all. From watching the film, they’re argument seems pretty much believable. The tear-jerking scenes really emphasized the purpose. Yes, Tilikum was the cause of Dawn Brancheau’s death, but what caused Tilikum to react this way? The documentary shows that many mistakes were made with orcas from the very beginning to cause the orcas to react with such aggression.

The former trainers from Sea World had very close relationships with the orcas. The clips of how friendly and kind the orcas were supports the film makers’ claim. One of the former trainers said, “It was like a relationship he had never had.” I could feel the anger and ___ in the film makers’ tone by how they throw the blame on Sea World.

Being that these whale are complex mammals with enhanced social skill, and are huge; small captivity is not the best way to get positive reactions out of them. The accommodations for the whales were unfit for a healthy life style. Most whales at Sea world began to have drooped dorsal fins. There many false facts given to the public about the killer whales: “More than twenty-five percent of all killer whales have drooped dorsal fins as the get older,” or “Killer whales actually live longer in Sea World’s environment because of veterinarian care.”

All of that was utterly false. The trainers knew the truth. It was discovered in the 1980’s that orcas live equivalent to…...

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