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Table of Contents:
Four Rs
Responsible Business
Redefine Workplace
Renew Ecosystem
Repay Society

RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS * Uphold transparency by following Code of conduct principles. * Invest in innovation * Improve knowledge through Knowledge management * Deliver ICT solutions in a sustainable manner * Help reduce congestion and help reduce overheads as the server requirements reduce


HCL facilitates growth of employees by:
1. Empowering them with programs that encourage them.
2. Create benefits and experiences for them which are enriching
3. Promoting their well-being and happiness
4. Giving them recognition for their contribution to organization

Employees First

If you take care of your employees, they take care of the customers. That’s the strategy of HCL.
• Maximum value is created at the employee-customer interface. Employees are given the authority to help customers.
• HCL helps create space for growth, expansion and enrichment.
• Employees First: Get into the very core of an individual and know about their individuality and helping them to unleash their potential.

Employee Passion

* Hobby Clubs at HCL: They can all come together and win exciting prizes, participate in so many competitions. They can join so many clubs for various things such as bike rides, photography etc. They can also persue their hobbies in office timings and within office premises. * Arclights (Talent fest @ HCL): Employees can showcase their talent in these. * HCL Inquizitive Minds: It is for quiz lovers of HCL. It’s a platform where they can pursue this interest.

Employee Benefits

AHA (Assisting HCLites Anytime): It features a range of services.
Employees can tell what programs they want to be implemented in their regions/facilities.
AHA 2014: 16000 participated to give their suggestions on programs they want should be implemented.

Employee Connect

Sunshine Summer Camp: It is for the extended HCL family- children of its employees
Age group: 4-11 years children and their parents.
Started: 2010
2014 attendance: 900 children and 600+ parents
Skills imparted: Confidence, leadership, teamwork and compassion.

Employee Resource Groups

* Proof for opportunities to grow: Existence of various self-driven employee resource groups

* Chargers: This will enable individuals to pursue what they want in field of their interest such as sports, health and wellness, photography etc. In these virtual networks and physical platforms are created for nurturing talent and connecting HCLites

* Employees First Council (EFC): Focuses on key transformational activities regarding workplace culture, policies related to people and operational aspects.

* Community Champions: These consist of community service volunteers.

* Women Connect: This group tries to connect women through various development

* Ability Connect: Help HCL to recruit and enable persons with disabilities.

* LEAD (Latino Employee Alliance for Diversity): A network to facilitate the development of Latino/Hispanic employees.

Employee Reward and Recognition
O Infinity: Meant for super achievers in HCL. The crème-de-la crème are felicitated in the presence of their family members.
XtraMiles: Appreciation forum created for employees. Employees can appreciate their peers/ colleagues/ managers at the click of a button. On accumulation of certain points, employees can attain the membership of XtraMiles clubs.

SPOT R&R: Managers reward employees ‘on the spot’ for noteworthy contributions.

Employee Feedback/Grievance Channels
Informal discussions: Any employee can meet HR or the respective manager and share their concerns.
Listen hour: Employees can share suggestions / questions with any department.
Ask a leader: Employees can write to business leaders if they have any concerns.
Ask HR: Employees can ask any HR related queries.
SECURE: Employees can report harassment-related grievances.
Whistleblower: Employees can register any complaints related to ethics.

Mobius – Employee Wellbeing, Wellness and Safety initiative

* 24x7, toll-free medical emergency number * Wellness Portal to access information on preventive healthcare * fix appointments with doctors

Life Coach:
Telephone and online counselling support
Stepping Stone:
Life-coach program for new mothers
Day care centres
Availed by 110 parents in India
Work life balance policies:
Flexi hours and work from home options
Need to adopt correct body postures, stretches and workplace exercise
Emergency response:
Emergency number is printed on Employee ID card. The hospitals list is available at security desks.

Incident / Accident rate – FY 2014

Safety of Women Employees in India:
-Security Arrangements at Office Premises: CCTV footage at various points
-Safe Commuting: Cab facility to women at night.
-Emergency Response Systems: Helpline numbers (24*7) displayed in all cabs.
-Measures for Safe Hiring: Guards and Drivers are hired from licensed agencies
-Creating Awareness: Self Defence training for women

Technical/ Domain training for Ideapreneurs

98 role-based certifications for continuous skill upgaradation

Softs Skills Training

Various skills taught: Leadership Skills, Conflict Management, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Stress Management and creating successful Work Teams.


Responsible Operations

Annual campaign: ‘Earth Hour’. There is minimal lighting in offices and at homes.
Eco Councils
Environmental targets are set

Green Infrastructure:

LEED “certified” status of green building certification
Sustainable Sites
100% underground parking is available for HCL project buildings.
Water Efficiency
Efficient use of water is promoted.
Energy and Atmosphere
Better building energy performance, Energy audits conducted from time to time
Materials and Resources
Use of only Energy Star-certified devices and use of FSC-certified wood products
Indoor Environmental Quality
Promotion of better indoor air quality, No Smoking Policy introduced

Balancing Employee Comfort and Green Infrastructure:

Green Infrastructure * Usage of Construction Material: Specific and required quantities so that wastage is avoided. * Recycling Construction Material * Using material made of Recycled Content * Sourcing from Local Vendors: Major environmental damage is avoided due to shipping etc. * Use of pesticide- and fertilizer-free bamboo cabinets and flooring.

Managing E-Waste
We audit the vendor process periodically.


Community Development:
Investing for the under privileged.

Community Giving:
Care giving

Promoting women and children rights

Digital Literacy for various section of society


Four Rs approach taken by HCL is unique. They believe in making HCL a better workplace for the employees, want to repay back to the society, do something for the community and also do business ethically and responsibly. They have special protection groups to protect the rights of the minority groups, disabled, children etc. They have taken special measures to promote the high achievers. They have grievance cells and adequate health facilities for the employees. They have provided digital literacy to youth in various villages. HCL has also helped women to become self-dependent in various parts of the country. It has also helped form a sanitary napkin manufacturing firm in prison. Nutrition support was also provided to many AIDS infected people. Overall HCL has a very good and sustainable model.…...

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