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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 simply blew me away. I wasn't a big Potter fan when the first movie came out, but each movie that was released I grew to love this world and it's characters more and more, to the point where I actually became one big Harry Potter fan. It's been incredible seeing how this franchise evolved and watching these amazing characters grow up on screen. Like many of you I was emotionally invested in these characters, I cared about them and that played a big part in how I felt about this movie.
I'm so glad that they split that last book into two movies. There's no way they could have told this story effectively in one film. This final Potter movie was both awe inspiring and emotionally draining. It really affected me in a way I've never been affected like in a movie before. I might as well admit it hear and now, this movie hammered on my emotional cords and I got chocked up and on the verge of tears, I was barely able to hold them back, but it didn't sound like the audience was able to, the person next to me was bawling her eyes out. The reason this movie affected me differently was because not only did a just get chocked up, but I was on the verge of breaking down through about 85% of the freaking' movie, which is ridiculous! I've never experienced that before. I wanted to cry through the whole movie!
The reason why I think I got so emotional because like I said earlier I really cared about these characters, I cared about what happened to them, and watching them literally going through the hell they did was heartbreaking to watch. The changes in Hogwarts were also very gloomy, it changed from being a place of brightness and happiness to a play of darkness and fear. Make no mistake, this movie is very sad, there's death and destruction on every level. There is a sequence in the film where I almost lost it, and it involved Potter…...

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