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Harmon Versus Bower

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What does Scott Harmon imply with his statement?
Motive CEO Scott Harmon's statement, "We're not warm and fuzzy, there's not a lot of cheerleading, and we don't give backrubs on Fridays.", implies that the overall focus in the company is driving force of the product not so much the coddling of the employees, but impeccable production. Scott Harmon is a fan of the one and only Ayn Rand. (Source: The company's mission and name relate directly to Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, 'Atlas Shrugged'. The statement is apparently his credo. Moreover, Harmon is a wee bit headstrong, and driven by profits. His assertion in the company's competence is effervescent and I think many may be intimidated by his way of running things. Harmon creates a clear distinction between emotion and making business decisions.

Explain what Marvin Bower meant by his statement.
Bower believed "that consulting was not a business but a profession" and that the "basic philosophy was to make money the old fashion way—earning it ethically." I think that he meant that the best way to build a strong company was by values and to give back also. Just by looking at the company's website, they talk about the Soul of McKinsey and its derivative from Bower. This firm speaks on how it was founded on so many of Bower's good leadership (page 255: “the art of motivating employees to enhance their performance in order to achieve corporate goals ethically) ideas and that they give back to Bower by passing on this vision. Bower's idealistic recipe for success worked for McKinsey, producing more CEOs and effective leaders ultimately evolving the business culture in general. I think that Bower knew that there were other ways to earn extreme money, but he took the road less traveled by, and recognized that doing things the moral way was the best way. (Source:…...

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