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Northampton Veterinary Clinic
Amazing Race
Team Challenges:
Clinic- Fill out crossword puzzle- get team hats and team color assignment (RI)
Herrells- Purchasing a 3 scoop Banana split $8 (RI) Contact- Steve
Faces- Taking a picture of the team in a photo booth with either presidential candidate (masks) Contact- Rachel that day (Linda is who I have been working with) $4 (RI)
Mouse- Find the mouse truffle in Thornes Market Place (bring to the sculpture garden park) $3.25 (RI)
Road Block- either each team member must find a person to paint their nails or as a team they have to shell a set amount of peanuts, each member just using one hand. (RB)
A to Z- Find out how much power and energy is being produced by the buildings Solar Power array How many computers can they power (answer must be in Kilowatts) (RI) Contact- Jack
Sweeties- Measuring out a half pound of jelly beans in the colors of the German Flag (Red, Yellow, Black) The color amounts must be equal- $5 (RI) Contact- Lucas
GBS Brows- One team member must get a Henna Tattoo of the cat with wings $18 (SB)

Each Team needs: about $36 so we should give about $50 just in case

Additional Information: * If teams are caught not wearing their hats, they will have a 15 second penalty at the end of the race. * Wheelchairs/strollers will be picked up outside of Heralds after they finish their banana spilt

Team 1- Red Team Team 2- Green Team * Heralds - Heralds * Faces - Sweeties * Mouse - Mouse * Road Block - Road Block * A to Z - GBS Tattoo * GBS Tattoo - Faces * Sweeties - A to Z

Team 1- Blue Team Team 2- Yellow Team * Heralds - Heralds * A to Z - Faces * Mouse - GBS Tattoo * Road Block - Mouse * Faces - Road Block * Sweeties - Sweeties * GBS Tattoo - A to Z

Team 1 Team 2
Mary Noelle
Amy K Devon
Robin Amy R
Kim Cait Chris

Team 3 Team 4
Leanne Jenni
Kelly Barb
Misty Laura
Danielle Bev Sue…...

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