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Q;1: According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory and David McClelland’s acquired needs theory identify and justify which needs dominate the 5 team members and the team leader.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory:

Team Leader | Belongingness Needs | Self-actualization Needs | Justifications | Melissa Richardson | HighlyDominating | Moderate to High | * Richardson had personality more like an agreeable person. She was highly dominated by social needs. In belongingness she preferred friendly environment and her acceptance in team and affection as well. For example she kept thinking of pizza lunches and ice cream in Friday afternoons after achieving sale targets. She also preferred to build good communication with her team. When she came at Phoenix she was expecting a protocol from her group members and her boss Campbell. She was so social and friendly that Ruiz did easily convince her to take his resume for higher designation through his good skill of communication or while conversing friendly with her. * She was moderate to high in self-actualization because she was putting her potential to cope with her job. She had a goal too to achieve, she wanted to make phoenix one of the best sales offices but somehow she distracted from her goal and instead fulfilling the requirement of this seat she was trying to accomplish her goal in other means like building good relations with others. |

Team Members | Self-esteemNeeds | Self-Actualization Needs | Justifications | Alex Hoffman | High | High | Hoffman had conscientiousness personality type; he had reliability, conformity and organization. Instead of being social and friendly he was hard working and put in effort to achieve his goals. * Hoffman was high at self-esteem because he was so confident about what he was doing to get maximum sales. He had also a dismissive attitude about others and…...

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