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Question 1: What major events in Canada’s labour relations history got Phil to the point in which he could lawfully organize a union, have it certified, and negotiate a collective agreement with the company?
Major events in Canada’s Labour Relations History includes:
I. Nine Hour Movement: In 1872, this legislation gave Canadian workers the right to organize a union legally as a result of a strike by Toronto printers. It was an effort by workers to organize and lobby to have the standard work day reduced from 12 hours to 9 hours. Ironically, however, the legislation did not address the hours of work. This movement also resulted in the forming of the first Federation of Trade Unions Canadian Labour Union.
II. Winnipeg General Strike of 1919: This allowed workers to get limited collective bargaining. By 1883 the Trades and Labour Congress (TLC) formed to lobby for reforms to labour legislation to benefit all workers, with an alternative being developed in 1927 known as the All Canadian Congress of Labour.
III. Wagner Act: In 1935, this American Act gave workers the rights to “organize, collectively bargain and strike” (Module 2). Canadian provinces followed soon after by adopting similar wording in their labour codes.

Question 2: What strategies can Phil use to increase his chances of success in organizing a union within this company?
Phil can do the following:
I. Arrange an organizing committee: With “a group of employees who work on the campaign to sign up union members” (Suffield, p. 102), there is now a driving force to convince as many employees as possible to get on board.
II. Ensure members of the committee are diverse: Using members from different “gender/racial/ethnic grouping” (Suffield, p. 102), the effects of persuasion are more likely to be far-reaching and viewed as equitable.
III. Reminders about benefits of joining a union: This can…...

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