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Neo-Nazism refers to any social or political movement to revive Nazism, which was a movement that reflected the beliefs of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party’s and of Nazi Germany from 1933 – 1945 serving as the Head of State, Chancellor of Germany, Head of Government and ruling as dictator. Although Hitler was raised in Austrian Catholic culture publicists Lanz von Liebenfels and politicians such as Karl Lueger and Georg Ritter von Schonerer influenced him, which formed his belief in the superiority of the “Aryan race”. Ideological Theory Hitler developed his political theories from the Austria-Hungary Empire, which is known as the Dual monarchy a multi-national Empire. Born a citizen of the Empire, he believed that the democracy was a destabilizing force because it placed the powers in the hands of ethnic minorities, which cause the Empire to become weak due to the ethnic, and linguist diversity. After the failure of World War I, Hitler gained popularity from the German Nationalists that were disgruntled from the lost war. Many Germans placed the blame of their defeat on the Jews and the communist, which became their ideal scapegoats to a German Nationalist ideology. Hitler’s Nazi theory claimed that the Aryan race is a master race, superior to all other races, that nationalism is the highest creation of race, and great nations (literally large nations) were the creation of great races. These nations developed cultures that naturally grew from races with “natural good health, and aggressive, intelligent, courageous traits.” The weakest nations, Hitler said were those of impure or mongrel races, because they have divided, quarrelling, and therefore weak cultures. Worst of all were seen to be the parasitic untermensch or Jews. [1] Hitler believed that the key to the United States success was its…...

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