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Go and Back

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We have discussed your work for EB3101 and we have agreed that you can in this exceptional circumstance be given another chance in EB3101. Given that you failed several pieces of work and I need to make sure that you can demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes of the module, I'm going to ask you to do the following task: Write an essay with the title: 'Why it is important for my future career to know about the topics covered in EB3101' (800words) I realise that this will be a difficult essay for you to write, you will have to:
1) go back over the content of the module and read through the powerpoints for all the sessions
2) think about why topics such as genre, the language of public relations etc are important to somebody (you) working in China in 21st century
3) write the essay completely in your own words as you won't find anything about this in Wikipedia! Finally, given what you said about not being interested in the content of the module, you may have to use your imagination a bit too. I would like you to submit this essay through Turnitin on or before 27 February. If you have any questions, let me know.
Please don't let me down again
Finally, given what you said about not being interested in the content of the module, you may have to use your imagination a bit too. I would like you to submit this essay through Turnitin on or before 27 February. If you have any questions, let me know.
Please don't let me down again Best wishes Chris

you may want to refer to ANSOFF'S MATRIX OF GROWTH STRATEGIES to help you with this one. Firstly product development in the form of new flavours, types, improvements or added value would help increase market share in the current market. Secondly, increase their market share in their current market without adding value but by simply exploiting marketing advantages…...

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