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Global Crime Issues 1

Global Crime Issues
September 9, 2014
Instructor: Robert Chase

Global Crime Issues 2 This paper will describe worldwide what criminal justice systems are doing to address the criminal issues identified. This paper will find a new story covering a terrorism- related crime that occurred in the last two years that had a worldwide impact. Discussion on how globally criminal justice system handled the crime and my opinion on the effectiveness of the systems response and it will include suggestions for future interventions to combat or prevent these crimes. In the last two decades, the world economy has globalized, so has its illicit counterpart. The global impact of transnational crime has grown to a massive level. Criminal groups have developed new technologies and adapted parallel network structures that are difficult to trace and stop that it has expanded their activities. The result has been an unparalleled of international crime (The "International Crime Threat Assessment). Here in the United States we have hundreds of individuals who enter illegally daily. These individuals bring with them drugs, firearms, contraband, and human trafficking of people, which hits the streets of the communities and businesses. These crimes are not a local problem they are an international issue also, which have become a worldwide threat. There are numerous crimes that fall under the umbrella of transnational crime, which includes some of the crimes that were mentioned earlier. These crimes have a significant impact on the Criminal Justice System and how plans are developed to combat this threat. Global Crime Issues 3 Human trafficking has been a big problem for many years; it got a lot of attention when Natalie Holloway was taken in Aruba along with…...

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