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According to the IMF, fiscal stimulus must be customized to the nature of the crisis. That’s why a slow acting fiscal policy can be used on the current crisis (while usually it comes too late and adds up inflation). Expenditure measures are hence appropriate because of their direct stimulation of the demand. Moreover, due to the lack of accurate and reliable estimates, IMF also recommends the diversification of the fiscal policies used in order to maximize their effectiveness.
The global nature of the current crisis and the different capacities of the worldwide governments involved imply the necessity to coordinate the stimulus plans in order to yield better and quicker benefits that will help out the countries with lower abilities (free-rider externalities effect).
By analyzing the situation from 2008 to end 2010, it appears that the recovery is on track but risks and uncertainty remain. The next move then is to consolidate and create an adequate environment for balanced and sustained economic growth, fiscal sustainability and financial stability on a worldwide level.

Using short term fiscal policies, the governments should first increase their credibility and consolidate their budgets by employing fiscal rules. Second, the exit from the exceptional fiscal policies used should be well timed to a strong growth or delayed if conditions are still weak: “difference between US - Europe vs. Japan”. Third, the fiscal policies used in developed countries will generate capital inflows towards emerging countries. These inflows will boost real-estate sector, increase the value of the stock market, and strengthen the local currency which will affect their competitiveness on the international trade level and might create a resilience to let the currency appreciate. If this were to happen, they might suffer counter measures from their trading partners.

By taking…...

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