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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Russia

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Dr. Wallace Saunders
July 4th, 2014

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Russia spans 11 times zones and with 147 million people the business opportunities are just as great as the abundance of raw materials and the landmass of the country. Russia is a unique business opportunity and the first thing that needs to be established before thinking of doing business in Russia is an understanding of its people and their diverse culture. Russia’s turbulent past and breakup of the U.S.S.R. along with the switch to a free market and privately held companies have combined making the people of Russia complicated and cultural diverse. Understanding how these cultural diversities allow for international business to be more successful inside of Russia will allow for the expansion of business and the creation of opportunity for those willing to understand Russian culture. Russia is in a unique position to allow for foreign investment to help grow and stabilize their economy and grow their relationships with foreign countries and investors. It is the investors and businesses responsibility to understand and accept the cultural differences that are encountered during the commission of international business. Keywords: dimensions, culture, business, differences,

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Russia Globalization has brought cultural awareness to a new level, instead of diminishing the need for cultural knowledge it has increased the rate by which we have to acquire and understand cultural dimensions. Knowing who you are doing…...

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