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How far was the Communist government of Lenin from 1917 - 1921 a government of the people?

Communism first occurred in Russia in 1917 due to Karl Marx’s vision of communism which was for the government could decide how much is made and what things in the country cost, everyone will be equal, education will be free to all, everyone will own everything(there will no longer be private property and farms will be collective ownership so will everything else, no more religion they believed that it distracted people from the “proper communism” beliefs and wanting people to concentrate on the country, everyone will work to their strengths. Many people believe it was the worst thing to happen to Russia, Robert V Daniels believes it was a stroke of accident and that it was the wrong thing to occur.
Lenin began to push for a revolution, during 1917 he attempted an uprising in April and July, he led a successful revolution in October 1917, Lenin led the bolshieks which were the people that supported him and were opposed by the menshelkis. In Lenin’s early government he formed the government so no one could be an outside, he put into place three decrees, decree on land in October 1917 which meant that peasants were given the power the right to seize land from the nobility and the church, this is a pro and con it portrayed that they government were against religion which caused up road with religious people and the church but couldn’t speak out due to the red army which would get rid of those that spoke against or were and opposition to Lenin , Lenin didn’t want anyone in Russia to be anywhere near as powerful as him. This portray a part of him that wasn’t for the people as he didn’t allow them to believe in what they want but he gained so much respect due to people being desperate. The peasants were thrilled with this that now he was making it equal and…...

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