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The morphology and semantics of Filipino Language spoken by the youth today lingo in Angono, Binangonan, Taytay and Cainta.
Related Literature The number of homosexuals in the Philippines continuous to grow and they are in the mainstream of about almost everything. Gays are creative and talented. Even the language that they are using cannot be simply overlooked at. Using their creativity and wit, they were able to make the language much more colorful and meaningful. Now a days, gay lingo is no longer exclusive to homosexuals but slowly accepted by the Philippine Community. Yes, it has been accepted in the past recent years. In the talk show ‘Katok mga Misis!’ of Giovanni Calvo and Ali Sotto. On their segment ‘word of the day’ they feature a gay word which became a household word in the Eighties. The coining of the word ‘badaf’ which means babae dafat and ma at pa for the contracted malay ko at pakialam ko (Ladlad 2, pp.42, 23). Another example of variety show which showcase our openness for the Homosexual is ‘It’s ShowTime’ in ABS-CBN, with one of the hosts, Vice Ganda. ( There is his invention of distinct and initially perplexing words to add to the "gay lingo." These have eventually been picked up not only by other stars themselves but also by normal Netizens and rabid showbiz fans in their daily conversations. Sample words are:
While it has been a term that's already been widely used long before Vice has uttered it on air, it was nevertheless among his most favorite words to use, which describes someone as stupid.
Sample: "Alam mo ang shunga nung pagkakalagay mo nung costume mo kasi baliktad eh!"
"Puchu Puchu"
It's not a breed of a dog nor is it related to the Lebanese chocolate brand Patchi. It is actually a term coined by Vice himself on "It's Showtime" that describes a…...

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