Gap Analysis on Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications Global Communication faces internal and external challenges in implementing its overall growth strategy. In order to move forward with cost-cutting measures, Global Communications must communicate lay-off plans to its affected employees. These measures will eliminate jobs in the United States. In turn those jobs will be outsourced to foreign labor sources in India and Ireland where the labor is highly skilled and cost efficient. The management team failed to utilize the union as a powerful support system in broadcasting the lay-off announcement. Due to Global Communication’s lack of communication with the union, management now faces a potentially volatile situation. Damage control measures need to be identified, evaluated and analyzed in order to minimize the negative impact that the union will have on customers, employee morale and the general public.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification Global Communication’s management team had a difficult decision to make in order for the company to survive the advancing telecommunication market. The management team devised a growth strategy which required the introduction of new services into the domestic market and expansion into the global markets through a partnership with an international satellite provider. The strategy called for aggressive cost-cutting measures which would result in the United States technical support center closing down and employee lay-offs. The company would outsource the technical support center services to foreign companies located in India and Ireland. The foreign labor source offered a highly trained technical support team at a more reasonable cost. Informing employees about the upcoming lay-offs will be a challenge without the support…...

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