Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments

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Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments
Intersect Investments has barely been able to survive the roller coaster like financial industry. Intersect Investments is struggling to keep their clients and employees trust. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Frank Jeffers has been with the company over 25 years and has resisted organization changes in recent history. Frank Jeffers has realized that the company is hardly surviving and needs to find ways to take the company in a new direction. Franks vision to implement the customer intimacy model and a new set of products has met some resistance by some senior management and employees alike. To overcome the resistance, Frank has hired a new Vice President of Marketing and Sales with experience in using the customer intimacy model. Once the internal stakeholder’s issues are resolved, Intersect Investments should be on their way to accomplishing the organization goals outlined in the strategic plan.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Intersect Investments has been fortunate to survive through times of uncertainty. In order to continue this progression, a more personal relationship between client and investor needs to be established. The aggressive one year transformation plan has been implemented and it is now necessary for the staff of Intersect Investments to adapt. However, with this change comes resistance. Intersect Investments is observing resistance from the directors. The directors are avoiding the new plan and focusing on what they feel is more effective to improve sales performance.
The management’s resistance to change is causing problems with the new plan. The directors are not supporting any of the changes to the new initiative. The directors have shown the feelings that the commitment to the customer intimacy model would have the opposite effect of what’s intended. Firms that follow the…...

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