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Ralph Lauren Corporation

When assessing the financial position of Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL), an investor must also look at the financial condition of the industry in which the company resides. In the case of Ralph Lauren, the company falls under the industry of apparel, accessories, and luxury goods. The company has brought the world a luxury brand of lifestyle goods since its humble beginnings in 1967. According to Standards and Poor’s Net Advantage (S&P), the industry is neutral with the expectation that accessories and luxury goods will out-do apparel within the next term (S&P Net Advantage, 2014). Ralph Lauren Corporation has a recognizably strong brand and has many accessories and luxury goods that will put them in a good position even if the apparel side of the company lacks in any way.
Financial Position and Outlook Ralph Lauren currently “holds leading market shares in department stores” (S&P Net Advantage, 2014). The financial position of the company is in good standing and has resulted in a steady growth of net income over the past five years. Measuring liquidity is a way to know RL’s ability to turn an investment back into cash when needed (Brealey, Myers, Marcus, 2012, p.44). With a current ratio of 2.6, this indicates that the company has short-term financial strength with the ability to meet creditor’s demands (Yahoo Finance, 2014). When looking at the price-earnings (P/E) ratio, it is important to also look at the competitors P/E ratio to truly gain an understanding of the industry’s average ratio. In the case of the apparel industry, the P/E ratio average is 20-25. RL’s price-earnings ratio is 21.6, which indicates that the investors are confident in the price of stock relative to the earnings per share (S&P Net Advantage, 2014). With a S&P credit rating of A and a growth of earnings per share, the financial…...

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