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Briana Foster
24 November 2008
Period 2
My name is Briana Foster and I am a concerned sports player. I want to address the issue of coaches only playing certain players for an entire game because they want to win. In my opinion this is a problem because how are we as players supposed to get better at the sport and strive to be on Varsity if coaches only play us in the easy games? How are we supposed to challenge ourselves? It should not only be about the win but also the fun of the game. Is it really that important to win a game? I mean think about it, what do you as a coach get out of winning? Sure you get a self satisfaction but you don’t get paid and even if you did it’s probably not very much. The real question here is should coaches have to play every player within an hour long game? My answer is yes even if the girl plays for two minutes she will have learned something different than if she was a bench warmer watching the game. Junior Jackie Cremen said, “The coaches should play everyone because we paid for this sport and it’s stupid for that money to go to waste on the girls who don’t play.” Five out of every fifteen girls on a team don’t get to play because they are either new to the sport or they don’t have the talent. Let us change this problem. According to the school board if coaches go to the play offs (or CIF) then they get paid extra money. In high school sports only Varsity teams go to the play offs and the pay is only a couple hundred bucks more which will buy them very little with how the economy is today. And do we ever ask ourselves what we would feel like being put in a position where you’re just sitting bench for an hour? Maybe in the coach’s eyes that girl or guy doesn’t try hard enough at practices but the reality is that she or he just needs help getting the hang of it. Junior Kim Menshek said, “If I had played in more…...

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