Female Drug Traffickers

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Female Drug Trafficking
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Female Drug Trafficking Drug trafficking is a serious offense in the United States and abroad that carries with it stiff penalties. The manufacture, distribution, and sale of illicit substances continue to proliferate in black market trades. A crackdown on such operations has become more concentrated in the U.S. over the past few decades. While different violation drug trafficking laws carry different penalties, any offense is considered serious and is dealt with severely.
Drug trafficking is widely regarded the most serious of drug offences around the world. However, sentencing often depends on the type of drug, its classification in the country into which it is trafficked, and where and how the drugs are sold and distributed (Grim, 2009). If drugs are sold to or distributed by underage people then the penalties for trafficking may be harsher than other circumstances. When discovered, they face at least 10 years for crossing state lines, but their terms can be extended up to 25 years. When questioned by police, some women insist that they have no idea that they are carrying drugs. In the USA, the Federal law states that first time offenders be sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment averaging 1 to 3 years. A drug trafficking offense may also lead to denial of federal benefits and forfeiture of personal property and real estate (Ehlers, 1998) A large percentage of female traffickers get into the business in order to improve the quality of life for their children (Grim, 2009). Women are promised resources to fortify their homes so that their children are protected from harsh weather, pay for doctor’s visits, hospital bills, and guaranteed protection in any further times of need in exchange for a quick short trip. Like any mother, most of…...

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