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White Paper Special Report On Emerging Markets

This paper examines the four emerging economies- Brazil, India, Russia and China (BRIC) - that are expected to play an increasingly important role in the global economy in the coming decades. These four countries have come to symbolize the exciting challenges and opportunities presented by dynamic emerging markets. The first part of the report outlines key features of these economies and their growing contribution to world output and trade. The second part analyses the contribution of India towards the same.

By 2050, the BRIC economies will account for 44% of global GDP.
The emerging market accounts for an increasing share of global activity. Two centuries of vigorous industrialization has propelled economies of North America, Western Europe and Japan into a dominant position in terms of their share of world output. But the past three decades have seen steady erosion from the peak they attained during the 1970. The emerging economies now account for over half of world output. These dynamic economies are changing the world economic order as they industrialize, improve their infrastructure and rapidly develop their service sectors. By 2050, they will account for almost 78% of global output. This projection uses realistic assumptions of annual growth rates of 5.3% to 2050, well below those posted in recent decades by the economies of developing Asia at over 7.5%. Growth at that pace is not sustainable over the long term – as economies mature, they inevitably lose some of their initial momentum. Within the emerging markets, four economies – Brazil, Russia, India and mainland China – collectively known as the BRIC economies, have become the focus of particular attention. These countries are transforming the existing patterns of economic activity and…...

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