Extreme Poverty and Hunger- “the Silent Killers”:

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Extreme Poverty and Hunger- “The Silent Killers”:
How the World Bank plans to eradicate them by 2015

Extreme poverty and food insecurity are some of the major global issues many countries worldwide have to face. Poverty leads to heavily indebted governments, hunger, poor education and lack of adequate medical care for the people. Although poverty “is a state for the majority of the world’s people and nations (Shah, “Causes of Poverty”)”, there is hope that “the increasing interconnectedness promised by globalization (Shah, “Causes of Poverty”)” will enforce successfully global policies and practices fighting the cruel reality which over 3 billion people have to try to survive in on less than $2.50 a day (Shah, “Causes of Poverty”).
Depending on how a culture views the issue with poverty, the mechanisms against it are enforced accordingly. In the middle Ages, it was considered a virtue and a way for “the chosen ones” to display their good Christian values by feeding the hungry and giving clothes to the ones who do not have any. In addition, the misery which poverty brought to the people was not considered a problem but a widely accepted path towards one’s soul salvation.
In Latin America poverty used to be accepted as destiny, a family’s inheritance passed on from generation to generation. Nobody can run away from it even if one improves their financial situation because there will always be somebody to make a comment such as:” I remember whenever you were poor and had nothing”. The wealth would not be taken seriously since it is viewed with uncertainty. It is not enough to get rich to be rich. Meanwhile in the Western cultures, poverty is just an entry state from which one could start climbing the latter of success.
Today poverty and hunger is a global issue which can be solved if every nation accepts their responsibilities and serves their duties. It is…...

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