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Art can be found just about everywhere. I see it in our world outside, with all of the colors of the earth. The arts portray creativity though different means. For example, paintings with different mediums, creating things out of materials; I even think of cooking as an art form. I do tend to think of visual art when I discuss the arts, but I feel as though art is in everything around us. My mom made an interesting point one day. My sister is the artistic one with painting and sculpting. I am creative with the culinary arts. My mom is the writer of the family. We all have our unique talents to the family.
I have always had a passion for the culinary arts. I eventually went to school to study culinary arts. My absolute favorite thing to do was to bake and decorate cakes. My talent was nurtured even more by a bakery owner I worked for. She encouraged me to practice on cakes and enter a competition. The bakery eventually closed, but I continued making cakes. I started sketching them out on paper. I mostly made my own children’s cakes, but there was a sense of pride when I had someone ask me to make them a cake. Working with fondant can be a lengthy process. To make the decorations, you need to do them a day early sometimes. The fondant needs to be rolled out to cover the cake, and the consistency is firmer than playdough. My back and feet are in pain by the end of making a cake, but the finished process is worth it. It can sometimes be hard to communicate what the other person desires if you do not have an exact picture. I want to communicate to the person receiving the cake exactly what they envisioned in the beginning. Although my expertise is limited, I feel proud of myself when I look at a completed cake.
Another example is when I paint. I never thought I could paint pictures. A few years ago, my sister and I decided to paint. (She is an…...

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