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EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE MIDTERM QUESTIONS (These are not the actual midterm questions)

1. You would like to speculate on the rise in the price of a certain stock. The current stock price is $87 and a three month call with a strike price of $90 costs $8.70. You have $17,400 to invest. Identify two alternative strategies, one involving stocks, the other involving options. Briefly identify the advantages and disadvantages of each. (10 marks)

2. A US company expects to have to pay GBP sterling 1 million in six months. a. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hedging the exchange rate risk with forward contracts, futures contracts and options. (10 marks) b. If the value of the dollar falls rapidly over the next six months relative to GBP sterling, which one of these three would turn out to be better and best, and why? (10 marks)

3. Annualized U.S. and U.K. spot interest rates for a six-month horizon are 4.5% and 5.5% per annum respectively. The spot foreign exchange rate for converting pound sterling to dollars is $2.00 per pound sterling. What will be the forward exchange rate in dollars/pound for a forward contract maturing six months later? (10 marks)

4. Options Trading Strategies a. Explain how a long stock and long put strategy equals the cash flow from a long call strategy. (5 marks) b. Why is a straddle position considered a speculation on the asset’s volatility? (5 marks) c. Can a butterfly spread ever be constructed to have zero initial premium? Why or why not? (5 marks) d. Explain in simple terms why a call option on a non-dividend paying stock should never be exercised early. (5 marks)

5. Consider an index futures arbitrage opportunity. a. What is the effect of dividend uncertainty on the no-arbitrage window and why? (5 marks) b. What is the effect of marking to market cash flows on the no-arbitrage window and why? (5 marks) c. Why and…...

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...The Mid-Term Project is worth 100 points. Please download this document to your computer and save it using the naming convention specified in the course syllabus. For the Mid-Term Project you will be using the MM207 Student Data Set, the survey codebook, and StatCrunch as necessary. You should enter your answers/responses directly after the question. There is no need to retype the project. After completing and saving the project, submit your project in the Mid-Term Drop Box. In the course, go to Unit 4 -> Instructor Graded Project -> StatCrunch to access the MM207 Student Data Set. When the page loads you will need to click on Data Set on the left side of the page. You do not need a StatCrunch ID or a password to access the data set; simply click the on Data Set to load the data file. Name: 1. In the following situation identify the implied population. A recent report on the weekly news presented the findings of a study on the effectiveness of Onglyza, along with diet and exercise, for treating diabetes. Based on chapter one reading the population is the population in a statistical study is the complete set of people or things being studied (Bennett, Briggs, Triola, 2009). Therefore the population consists of all diabetic patients. 2. In the following scenario identify the type of statistical study that was conducted. A Gallop poll surveyed 1,018 adults by telephone, and 22% of them reported that they smoked cigarettes within the past week. Based......

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