Evolution of the High Jump

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Evolution of the High Jump
The high jump is an event that first appeared in the ancient Greek Olympic Games. During the 19th century in Scotland the first high jump event was recorded. During this time the jumpers used a straight on or a scissor kick technique. The high jump is a very unique event. The event has modernized from the 19th century.
The high jump has certain rules an athlete must follow to be able to compete in the event. The different heights are chosen by the official personnel of the event during the meet. However the athlete and or competitor can chose to start at the standard height that the official set, or they can chose to pass to a higher height. Once the bar is raised it does not get lowered for anyone. Anytime an athlete has failed a height, they can chose to pass to the next height, but only if they do not use up all three of their three attempts. Also if they were to leave for another event without letting the official know, the bar would still be raised and they will not lower it and it will be considered as a pass for that height. At each height the jumpers are allowed three consecutive jumps, and if the athlete fails all three then the athlete is eliminated. Athletes are eliminated for knocking the bar off the supports, also known as the standards, and if they break the plain under the crossbar or beyond the standards. The athlete is given 90 seconds for each attempt; if it is not completed in that time it is considered as a failed attempt.
When the high jump first started out, the jumpers used the techniques they used to keep themselves from getting hurt. Back then they didn’t have the safety that we have now a days. Back then the athletes jump over a wooden bar and landed into saw dust. Opposed to the safety regulations today, they now use fiber glass type material for the cross bar and they use very thick padded mats for their…...

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