Evaluating Football Players

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Evaluating Football Players Essay


D. Cummings It may seem overly simplified and obvious to state that player evaluation is critical in generating success and wins on the football field. A coach may have the greatest “system” and an amazing game plan laid out but, without the right players in the right positions the only thing a coach will collect are losses. This is true of coaching recreational and youth football through the professional ranks. Player evaluation is not only about addressing the physical skills needed for specific positions but, it is also about plugging in the right players who posses the temperament and character to lead the team in all critical situations on the field. Coach Trimble has a very encompassing player evaluation process that fits his program and situation. His evaluation cycle is a constant year round model that allows him to track his players over long periods of time. Even with that being the case, many of his methods can be translated to youth football, middle school/ junior high school , and smaller high school programs. Coach Trimble uses off season conditioning routines, preseason, practice, and game situations to evaluate his players as well as his players evaluating themselves to make sure they are properly used on the field. Many of these evaluation techniques can be used, with some adjustments, just as effectively at lower levels of competition as they are for larger programs like the one at Jenks High School.

Coach Trimble frequently knows the players that are coming to try out for his team and program because of his contact and connection to the community. For youth programs in areas that tend to have a transient populations, preseason evaluations form the core of player evaluations. For many youth coaches, depending on how the league they are coaching in is organized, the first contact they…...

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