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It was exciting to look back into our history at someone who many revere as our greatest leader. Many people today, believe that Abraham Lincoln was and is the greatest President the United States has ever seen. Donald Phillips shares his agreement with this sentiment in his well written book, "Lincoln On Leadership."
The book itself was thoroughly enjoyable. It was a very easy read and shared much of President Lincoln's leadership through the eyes and stories of others of that day. This book is a great history lesson of the period of the Civil War and Lincoln's legacy. Through numerous stories, Donald Phillips shares example after example of Lincoln's style of leadership.

According to Phillips, "In order to comprehend modern leadership theory and be successful in the future, leaders must look to the past - to President Abraham Lincoln, for example - who routinely practiced nearly all of the 'revolutionary thinking' techniques that have been preached to American industry in the last ten to fifteen years. Lincoln can be looked to as the ideal model for desirable, effective leadership." We would agree for the most part with his assessment of Abraham Lincoln as a leader.

This book highlights a number of wonderful leadership characteristics and skills. The one characteristic that seemed to come to the front the most was Lincoln's ability to be a "Servant Leader." Through Lincoln's own writings and words, plus the writings and words of many others it seems clear that he was a man that understood the critical need to engage people in relationships while balancing the need to accomplish goals.

"Lincoln On Leadership" is a great read for anyone desiring to learn how to be a better leader. If businesses and organizations today were successful in effectively implementing Lincoln's leadership style, we would see a tremendous turn around in our country today. We…...

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