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As a Personal Protection Specialist, I am charged with the responsibility for the Security, Safety, Health, and Well-being of another human being. In keeping with these obligations, I pledge my honor, reputation and, if necessary, my life. These are the words the Personal Protection Specialist lives by. Protection Specialists hold themselves to the highest standards of Honesty, Courtesy, Integrity, and Moral Character in performance of their duties. Popular cultures, most professional corporations, military institutions, governmental agencies and businesses are guided by specific rules enumerated in a formal ethical code of conduct. Included in such codes are ideals and virtues as fairness, courtesy, tolerance, compassion, loyalty, forgiveness, kindliness, integrity, truthfulness, honesty, social responsibility, prudence, justice, temperance, and courage. All are signs of solid character, reputation, and beneficence .They work diligently to stay physically fit and mentally strong to overcome any obstacle they may or may not encounter. A Protection Specialist must be vigilant and aware of his surroundings and prepare for an attack/incident from various sources and locations. Marcus Luttrell a retired Navy Seal put it best when he said " You must keep your head on a swivel", which in simplest of terms means to always watch your surroundings and expect the unexpected. As a Protection Specialist one must conduct himself in a manner to the degree of the expectations of his position of Confidence and Trust. He will exhibit patience, understanding, compassion, loyalty and courage. A Protection Specialist shall always maintain a professional employee/employer relationship between himself and those he is assigned to protect. EP Specialists treat all…...

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