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Escape to freedom A slave’s escape story
I am running, running faster than I never knew I could. The dogs caught on to my scent after the creek and now they’re closing in. I have no choice but to keep running because if I stop death by lashing is almost certain. I should probably explain how I got here in the first place. Hi, my name is Sally Shayne and until a few hours ago I was a slave of the Cottonwood Family in South Carolina. This story all starts back about a week ago when the warden announced that we were going to be sold off during the week because our owner Mr. Fields couldn’t afford our uptake anymore. I have lived on that plantation all my fifteen years and I had really grown close to the other slaves. Everyone was in shock especially Samba and Shawnee who were practically my brother and sister. There were sold to a man in Georgia within two days. After the loss I didn’t have a reason to stay so I packed up some food from dinner, my few possessions and waited. The warden as usual did his nightly head count which was sort of ironic since I was the only one left. Then I snuck out of the window silently so as not to be heard and ran as soon as I hit the forests edge. For a while I thought I was home free after all I had walked up the creek for ten minutes before I got out and started running again. Unfortunately though the dogs crossed over and somehow managed to pick my scent up again. So there, you’re caught up. Wait, I have suddenly noticed a change, the dogs aren’t barking anymore. I slow down, turn around, and see nothing. I must have gotten away. To be safe I climb the nearest tree and find a branch not visible from the ground. Exhausted and sweaty I close my eyes and fall asleep.
When I wake up at dawn I scarf down a cold breakfast consisting of cheese and a slice of bread,…...

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...“The Escape” là một trong những truyện ngắn đặc sắc của W.S Maugham.The Escape vừa mới ra đời đã gây ra một sự tò mò và hiếu kỳ của độc giả.Truyện hấp dẫn không chỉ ở nội dung, cốt truyên mà còn ở ý nghĩa, bà họcmà tac giả muốn gửi gắm tới bạn đọc. Truyện là kết tinh những trãi nghiệm,tìm hiểu, khám phá của nhà văn về cuộc sống và nghệ thuật. Để cảm thụ sâu sắc hơn, chúng ta cùng nhau đi vào tìm hiểu những lát cắt tạo nên giá trị tác phẩm. I. Nội dung The Escape là một câu chuyện xoay quanh hai nhân vật Roger Charing và Ruth Barlow, về cuộc tình giữa hai người. Roger không còn trẻ trung, đủ kinh nghiệm, và hẳn là người từng trải, khôn ngoan, thận trọng. Chàng là người đàn ông khỏe mạnh lực lưỡng lại lắm bạc nhiều tiền. Ấy vậy mà chàng đã ngã gục ngay từ loạt đạn đầu tiên trước tiếng sét ái tình của Rút Bác-lâu. Theo như cảm nhận của tác giả, RútBác-là người có một cái tài trời ban cho, đó là tính đa sầu đa cảm khiến cho đa số cánh mày râu hết phương tự vệ. Nàng góa hai đời chồng, đôi mắt đen huyền long lanh gợi cảm mà chính tác giả cũng chưa từng thấy bao giờ? Chỉ với một vài hình ảnh, ta có thể tưởng tượng dáng vẻ của Rút Bác-lâu tùy theo cảm nhận của mỗi người. Nàng hẳn phải là người phụ nữ xinh đẹp, kiều diểm thì mới có thể khiến Rô-giơ Cha-ring thầm yêu trộm nhớ, mất hết lý trí thông thường và tính cảnh giác cần có của người đàn ông. Cặp mắt nàng lúc nào cũng như đẫm lệ, chúng toát lên ý ngĩa rằng cuộc đời nay quá sức chịu đựng của nàng. Những nỗi đau thương, khốn khổ......

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...My escape Summer Morris HUM/115 June 29, 2015 Kimberlee Neitz My escape We often throw our problems at ourselves. We think entirely too much. To make us frantic and very confused. But, why are we causing these problems, and why are we worrying so much about something that’s not even there from the beginning. A problem creator is someone who creates their problems that aren't there to begin with (Critical Thinking in everyday life, 2015). They have so much in their mind you start making problems that aren't even their also known as the thinker. According to (Ridel, 2015) a mind is a terrible thing to waste so why wastes your brainpower creating problems. According to “Critical Thinking in Everyday Life” (2015), “They are their worst enemies” so there is no reason to overthink things that are not there. I selected problem creator because this category reminds me of myself. I have so much on my mind at times that I start thinking too much. Thinking too much isn't good. Because, it wears you down having you believe something is wrong. When I’m alone by myself or just sitting, that’s when your mind start wondering about situations you shouldn't be worried about in the first place. Makes you depressed and it can turn worse if you don’t get it taking care of by talking to somebody you’re comfortable with and venting to them to get a solution to the problem. I plan to improve my problem by going to a counselor. Talking to about my life situations. Why am I......

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