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Week 1 Strategic Management Escape Fire

The movie Escape Fire clearly states the facts that currently affect the healthcare system in the U.S. and proposes solutions that are at our reach as individuals, as a community and as a country. We are a country that sets the tone for almost everything that is popular in the world and something as necessary to our livelihood as healthcare is, we certainly are not on top of how to set that tone in that aspect that should be as popular as the air we breathe. We have the ability to change the game as it is suggested in the movie, and persuade the behavior changes necessary for all Americans to make in order to control the management of diseases culture that we are currently in and turn it into a more preventive culture.

The amount of money spent every year in the U.S. on healthcare is a number that is almost three times of what other industrialized countries spend per capita, and yet, our life expectancy is at number fifty in the world. Clearly, our outcomes are not commensurate with the money that is being spent. Preventive medicine is the model that we need to follow and we currently follow the disease management way of healthcare. 30% of the money spent per year is spent in vain, for, it does not improve the health of those treated. As suggested in the movie, we need to have more Primary Care Physicians that have the opportunity to educate, treat, prevent and follow up without the burden of productivity that is driving the healthcare system to be managed as a business rather than a social service.

The money spent by lobbyist in Washington D.C. to promote their organizations and pharmaceutical gold mines, would be enough to contribute to the measures of prevention that the movie suggests. Investing that kind of money in programs like the one that Safeway has implemented, would at least stop the bleeding of…...

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