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Enterprise Rent-A-car Case Study
Enterprise Rent-A-car Case Study

Enterprise was considered the world’s largest rent-a-car company by its executives because of its laser-like focus on customer satisfaction and because of its concentration on serving the replacement market. By operating in this market and by defining that the key to success is to make their customers happy, the quality and the speed of the service are the main concerns of this company. And that’s why Enterprise is investing in researching (which they’re doing through a survey) so that they can act and take measures according to the results of the survey so they can improve their customers satisfaction.
This motto by which the company is governed, was first implemented by its founder, Jack Taylor, whose advice was: “if the company took care of its customers and employees first, profits would follow.”.
The company’s top managers decided to use the survey results to calculate an overall average ESQi score for the company and a score for each individual branch.
The survey’s first question took care of that overall average ESQi score for the company as it pretends to analyse its customer overall level of satisfaction with the service, using a satisfaction scale. Followed by an open-answer question trying to obtain suggestions for improvement so that Enterprise can continuously match to their customer needs and wants, and always investing in the company-consumer relationship. The next question addressed any problems that the customer might have had with the service so that the company can focus on solving the existing problems quickly and efficiently.
The next questions were used to calculate a score for each individual branch of the firm. This way, the company is able to more especifically identify what caused a customer’s insatisfaction and which departments or areas need…...

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