Enhancing Efl College Students' Speed Reading and Content Comprehension of Computerized Texts

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Enhancing EFL College Students' Speed Reading and Content Comprehension of Computerized Texts ‫

Osama Hassanein Sayed, PhD Community College in Bisha, King Khalid University, KSA, Faculty of Education in the New Valley, Assiut University, Egypt
Paper puplished in CDELT Occasional Papers, Vol. 50, August, 2009.
This study attempted to investigate the effect of training EFL college students in reading computerized texts on their reading speed and content comprehension. The study had a pre-post control group design. Thirty EFL students at the community college in Bisha, king Khalid university, Saudi Arabia, participated in this study. An online speed reading test was used to measure students' speed reading rate and content comprehension. Experimentation lasted eight weeks; three 50-minute sessions per week. A “t” test for small samples was used to analyze the difference between means of scores of the study subjects in the pre-post-measurements. Findings revealed a significant improvement in the experimental group students' speed reading rates and their reading comprehension of computerized texts.

With the explosion of information we live in nowadays, with the growing emphasis and on the importance concepts of information as and communication with such globalization,informatization, and intercultural communication, strong reading skills, as Kasper (2003) states, are essential not only for students' academic success, but also for their social and economic advancement". As a matter of fact, information is, not only increasing rapidly, but also moving instantaneously in every part of the world at the same time, and one has no choice but to try and to increase the intake of information. On the other hand, with the advent of the internet in the 1980’s, "Reading from computer screens is becoming more and more common in our daily lives…...

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