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3L’s Learning Services
Business Communications

Business Writing in the Mortgage Industry
Business Communications
Underwriting Training Manual

( 3L’s Training Services
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Atlanta, GA 30303
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1 Training-at-a-Glance 1
The Writing Process 2
Planning Business Messages 3-9 Defining Your Purpose 3-4 Understanding Your Audience 4-5 Gathering Information 6-7 Establishing a Good Relationship 8-9
Writing Business Messages 10-16 Organizing Your Message 10-13 Understanding the Need for Organization 14 Composing and Shaping Your Message 15-16
Answer Key 17-20 Lesson 2a 17 Lesson 2b 18 Lesson 2c 18-19 Lesson 3a 19-20


W elcome to the Underwriting Training Course. This course will help you to determine the relevance of effective business communications in your Underwriting job.

Good communication skills are important in any business because these skills help the organization succeed. “Only through effective communication can you anticipate problems, make decisions, coordinate work flow, supervise others, develop relationships, and promote products and services” ( Thill and Bovee 4).

While only a portion of the Underwriter’s responsibility is to write correspondence to various audiences such as mortgage companies and the general public, you must be able to write effective business messages because you are helping to shape the reputation of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (HUD). As a public servant, the general public as well as mortgage companies depend on your expertise in the area…...

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