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1. Questionnaire
1. What is your age?


2. What is your gender?


3. Are you a foreigner student?


4. What do you study?

International business and management studies

5. What do you think of the study which are you following?

It is nice, but it is a very busy study you need to do a lot in the first year.

6. What do you think about the university in general?

It is a nice university, but the system isn’t really perfect

7. Do you have to travel to get to school and how long does this process take ?

Yes, I go with bus so it takes like 15 minutes

8. Do you think it’s possible to have a part-time job and to follow a full-time study?

Yes, but you can’t work too much

9. Do you have a part-time job?


10. What kind of job is this?

At a company desk, checking people

11. For how long have you been working in general?

4 months

12. Do you leave school earlier to go back to work and do you call in sick to go working?


13. Do you think your part-time job is an obstacle for your study ?

No, more a advantage because it helps you with discipline.

14. What is the reason why you work?

My father say’s its good for me

15. Are you aware that you can get study finance from the government and what do you think about this?

Yes, it’s very useful especially if you fully concentrate on school and can’t work.

16. Do you think you can get something useful out of your job other than the money?

Yes, to become a leader, because u need to say other what they need to do and manage things

17. What is for you personally the greatest advantage of a part-time job and what is the greatest disadvantage?

Advantage is the money and discipline, disadvantage is that it gets boring sometimes

18. On what do you spend you your money you get from your job?

On chilling

19. What kind of activities…...

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